Patch Notes

Features we're adding. Bugs we're squashing.

2.5.1 Stories, bugs, & The Cinema  (11/23/2020)

This update features the release of 10+ new stories. These stories range from new, intro-level stories for new players (available on Gem) to continuations of existing stories, as well as a new level 60 story. See the notes below for where they can be found. Additionally, there is a new story rewatch mechanic called The Cinema. The Cinema allows players to reread the dialog of completed stories, allowing them to relive the excitement of the lore s well as Suros’ witty zingers. 

The update also features a load of squashed bugs. Like, a ton of them. 

  • General
    • Your ship’s armor will now auto-repair once reaching any location. The price of repairs is charged to your ledger.
  • Trade
    • Gemini Station is no longer accepting moon rock sales.
    • Eris is now interested in purchasing medical supplies…something about increased mining accidents.
  • Intel
    • Players can now include Intel in their trade proposals.
    • Players can now sell intel to various locations. The price varies based on how much intel the faction needs as well as how much they currently have on hand (
  • UI
    • Online/offline status added to user’s page.
    • Trade proposals now only show players who have logged in within the last 30 days.
  • The Cinema
    • Players can now rewatch stores they’ve already completed. Here.
  • Stories
    • Space for Reckers Pt. 2 is available on Gemini Station (level 17)
    • The Art of Diplomacy Pt. 5 is available on Eris (level 35)
    • The Art of Diplomacy Pt. 6 is available on Earth (level 40)
    • Look into My Eye Pt. 1 is available on Gemini Station (level 60)
    • Mason Jays: In Remembrance (Daily) is available on the Moon (level 5)
    • Reasons to Give Thanks (Seasonal) is available on Gemini Station (level 5)
  • Mods
    • Seal of the Allegiance (21117) is now limited to Scouts only. (
    • Classified No. 709 (50) has been decommissioned. The full purchase amount has been refunded to pilots who had owned it. A more balanced versio(s)n of the mod will be made available for purchase soon. (
      • The above mod has been split up into the following mods that are available on Gemini Station:
        • Mysterious Phayzer Panel (22092)
        • Jahlie's Bastion (22091)
  • Encounters
    • Encounters now give guild influence.
  • Bugs
    • Fixed a bug where freighter only dailies were not showing up.
    • Fixed a bug where token mods could be purchased from Venus.
    • Fixed a bug where the auction house search listings were missing commas.
    • Fixed a bug where armor was still being restored after combat.
    • Fixed a bug where combat with a damaged ship would end after one turn.
    • Fixed a bug where the attacker’s shields were not being restored after attacking another player.
    • Fixed several spacing issues in alerts.
    • Fixed a bug where a node would gain +5 influence from depositing helium instead of 1.
    • Fixed a bug where drone group commands were only show the number of groups that Nor has.
    • Fixed a bug where you could add any quest to your log no matter where you were.
    • Fixed a bug where you could hack 0 quantity of goods from locations.
    • Fixed a bug where drones were getting XP from trades made on Gemini Station.
    • Fixed a bug where Search and Destroy wars would start immediately.
    • Fixed a bug where high level drones were awarding blank mods.