Patch Notes

Features we're adding. Bugs we're squashing.

5.1.0 Hero of the civil war  (9/15/2022)

Hero of the Civil War is the second to last kickstarter update. Included with the new story are added minor story mechanics, extra datapad features, some UI/UX improvements, and the squashing of many bugs.

The next patch will be the final Kickstarter update featuring the choose-your-own-adventure style story.

Patch Notes:

  • UI/UX

    • The auto logout feature has been removed. 

  • Guilds

    • Guild bank database type for money storage changed to BIGINT. You guys are crazy.

  • Stories

    • Hero of the Civil War Pt. 1 

      • Begins on Earth

      • Requires level 60

      • Requires completion of Look Into My Eye Pt.2

  • Drones

    • JayCo drone’s base speed has been changed to 15M from 5M.

  • Datapad

    • Navigation tab has been added to the datapad.

    • Pilots can store coordinates in their datapad (supporter).

    • Pilots can set course to saved coords directly from their datapad (supporter)

  • Bugs

    • Fixed a bug where general mission objectives were not updating.

    • Fixed a bug where Chapter III: An unlikely Ally would not register drained pirate ships. Fix should be retroactive.

    • Fixed an issue where node 2013 in the OL’s scan difficulty was too high. It has been lowered to 50. It is in Allegiance space galactic north of 2903 and 1081.

    • Many bugs squashed.

    • Fixed a bug where PVP-related missions would not register defeated player ships.

    • Fixed an issue where you could not land on Venus at some points of the main story.

    • Fixed a bug where an “Exit Ship” button would randomly sometimes flash on initial ship screen load.