Patch Notes

Features we're adding. Bugs we're squashing.

0.9.5 Guilds (10/1/19)

The growing number of players has paved a way for our next major update: guilds. Pilots are now able to create and join guilds. Apart from being a convenient way to stay connected with friends, guilds offer the opportunity to further specialize and upgrade your ships through guild upgrades.

As your guild grows in strength and defeats other guilds in PVP and trade wars, your guild will earn guild points. Guild points can be spent to unlock guild-wide upgrades for all member ships. From upgraded targeting and evasion to ship speed, guild upgrades allows your guild to further customize your playing style.

And if you earn enough guild experience, you’ll be able to unlock prestigious guild specialization classes and fully commit your guild to trade, combat, or espionage.

  • Main Story
    • Chapter XVII is now live!
  • General Updates
    • Overhauled the navigation system and ETA counter to increase accuracy (TnT).
    • Further overhauled the navigation system to allow for direct travel without having to return to Gemini Station after each trip.
  • Guilds
    • Added new guild system allowing players to create, join, and manage guilds.
      • Guild Points can be gained by winning guild wars and are used to upgrade various aspects of the guild.
      • General Upgrades: Armor, Engine Efficiency, Evasion, Sensor Results, Shields, Targeting.
      • Additional specialization can be unlocked after the guild gets 100,000 XP.
      • Guild log created that shows all relevant guild member activity in the guild.
  • Guild Wars
    • Guild leaders can declare war on other guilds.
      • Seek & Destroy War
        • Classic team vs. team free for all. First guild to 50 ship kills wins.
          • Victor gains XP and 1 GP
          • Loser gains XP and 0 GP
      • Trade War
        • First guild to sell $500,000 worth of items wins.
          • Victor gets: 1 GP and 1000 XP
          • Loser gets: 0 GP and 250 XP
        • Maximum of 10 trade wars can be active at one time.
  • Class Tweaks
    • Changed base scout speed bonus from 25% to 10/15/20 for each ship upgrade.
  • Mods
    • Engine Efficiency
      • Lowered max table tiers by 50%
  • Black Market
    • Black Market overhauled to include unique mods only.
    • Specialized "illegal" mods have been created exclusively available on the black market.
      • Black Market mods CAN be sold on the mod exchange.
  • PVP
    • Lowered the energy cost of attacking other ships from 20 to 10.
    • Changed the d100 roll to target another player from rand(1-100) to rand(25-100)
  • Bugs
    • Fixed a ton of spelling errors and typos.
  • Discord
    • Discord server has been updated, and reorganized, including a bug ticketing system.

0.9.4 Hacking, Supply & Demand (09/04/19)

Update 0.9.4 brings with it several major features, most notably are hacking and supply & demand. The updated hacking system vastly increases a pilots options while the new supply and demand system can secure traders the deal of a lifetime, or leave them cursing their bad luck.

The hacking update adds the option to attempt to hack specific districts at each location. A successful hack at each location will reward players with various items/resources. From hacking banking terminals to falsifying trade orders, less-than-reputable pilots can now acquire goods, money, intel, and mods exclusively from hacking.

Supply & Demand
Following requests for additional trade goods as well as a more dynamic economy, we’ve more tradable items that can be bought and sold at various locations. Additionally, those locations consume and produce items at different rates, affecting the pattern of available of items as well. Trade prices are also affected by item stock.

  • Supply & Demand
    • Many more items added to location stores.
    • Prices change based on current stock and random events.
    • Universal Market ticker on Gemini Station updated to show all buy/sell locations.
  • Mods
    • Added the ability to save/load mod loadouts.
  • Main Story
    • Chapter 16 is now live.
  • General Updates
    • NPC damage roll is now multiplied by the NPC level when rolling for damage. The ES-709 Destroyer of Worlds will totally wreck you.
    • Added estimated travel time to ship astrogration section.
    • Added option to abandon trade missions for quitters.
  • Hacking
    • Overhauled hacking system to allow players to hack locations being visited. Each location has four categories of hacking that can be attempted.
      • Intel - Players gain intel upon successfull hack.
      • Finance - Players gain money upon successfull hack.
      • Supply - Players gain random trade goods sold at that location upon successfull hack.
      • Military - Players gain a random mod within +/-10 levels upon successfull hack.
    • There is a 10% chance of being discovered upon a failed hack.
    • There is a 25% chance of being discovered on Eris upon a failed hack.
  • Bugs
    • Fixed a bug where mods equipped in the wildcard slot could be sold and broken down.
    • Fixed a bug where sold items could be re-purchased at the same location for free and resold endlessly.
    • Fixed a bug where more items could be purchased than were actually in stock. (Neat)
    • Intel gains no longer round to the hundred billionth decimal point. (Neat)
    • Many more bugs fixed.

0.9.3 Co Pilots

Our second major summer update introduces a feature we’ve wanted to roll out for a while: Co Pilots. Starting at level 10, pilots can head over to the Crew Lounge on Gemini Station and hire a co pilot.

Co pilots have their own attributes that stack with installed mods and typically have greater stats than mods. The only catch is co pilots are unique and can only be employed by a single ship. Players can hire up to 3 crew, but can only have 1 activated co pilot at a time. Once a co pilot has been hired, they’ll no longer appear in the Crew Lounge.

Players can also fire co pilots they’re no longer needing. Unemployed co pilots will make their way back to the Crew Lounge and eventually appear back on the available list.

  • Co Pilots
    • Co pilots can be hired in the crew lounge on Gemini Station started at level 10.
    • Co pilots augment ship’s abilities, allowing for further play style customization.
    • 1600+ crew have been added to Gemini Station.
    • Every hour the list of available co pilots to hire from will shuffle.
    • Co pilots are unique. Once one has been hired, they’re gone!
  • Main Story
    • Main story has been organized into chapters.
    • Chapter 15 is now live.
  • General Updates
    • Redesigned the public user page (/user?USER-ID) to show public stats about each player, location, and mod load out.
    • “Districts” renamed to “Station Facilities”
  • UI
    • Added estimated travel time to ship astrogation section.
    • Applied dark theme to navigation drop down.
    • “Disembark” button changed to “Exit Ship” to increase clarity
    • Opacity of ship HUD changed to 15% for idle screen.
    • Hovering over the XP percentage in the top bar now displays the true experience.
    • Screen On/Off toggle added to the ship screen that hides the main viewer so eYs can see the stars better.
  • Commerce
  • Mods
    • Added the ability to mark mods as favorite
      • Favorited mods will appear at ther top of owned lists.
  • Bugs
    • Squashed many bugs.
    • Fixed endless typos.
    • Several bugs still at large...but I'm coming for you.

0.9.2 Encounters (7/19/19)

Our first major update of the summer brings with it the introduction of an exciting new feature: encounters.

Encounters are multi-player battles where groups of up to three can attempt to defeat an enemy NPC squad. Upon successful completion of an encounter, group members receive money, xp, intel, rep (based on the encounter location) and a mod. Encounters are available at level 5 on Earth and Mars. Additional encounters are available at levels 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, and 60.

  • Encounters
    • Group PVE battles located throughout the system.
    • Pilot groups of up to 3 can attempt to clear an encounter.
  • Bugs
    • Fixed a bug where the incorrect amount of armor and shields were given to new ships.
    • Fixed a bug where the pilot’s Earth rep was always used to determine repair costs, regardless of location.
    • Fixed a bug where 72 hour length events would expire after 1 hour.
    • Fixed a bug where pilots could travel to Mercury without a 2000 HR score.
    • Fixed spacing issue where the armor value would drop to a new line if the ship had more than 1,000 armor.
    • Fixed a display issue where full amor was displayed as red in the ship HUD.
  • UI
    • General
      • Added ‘reputation’ dropdown under pilot callsign in status bar.
      • Added timestamp to global chat.
    • Gemini Station
      • Updated links in main nav
      • Added quick link banners to home
      • Added additional quick links to home.
  • Hacking
    • XP gains increase from random (50-75) to random(50-100) + target ship live + pilot level
    • Reputation
      • Lowest rep for locations set to 0
      • Negative pirate rep is still available…filthy pirates.
      • Normalized reputation tiers for factions
  • Game Tuning
    • Locations
      • Eris
        • Changed energy import price from 350 to 425
      • Mars
        • Changed travel time from 10 minutes to 5.
      • Earth
        • Changed travel time from 10 minutes to 5.
    • Ship Classes
      • Balanced the class III mod slots.

0.9.1 Black Market Update (6/18/19)

Factions dissatisfied with the prices and overall standardization of mods and goods on Gemini Station have set up a black market on the remote dwarf planet of Eris. Accessing the market has a cost, however. Which brings us to one of our most significant game mechanic updates to date––we've added an entirely new currency system: Intel.

Intel can be gained by successfully hacking other ships. Ships can be modded to increase both hacking success rates and the amount of intel gained from hacks. Pilots must spend intel to gain access to the black market and can then purchase goods and mods from the market using intel as well.

  • Black Market
    • Unlockable Black Market added to Eris.
      • Cost 1000 Intel to unlock.
  • Intel Mechanics
    • New currency system added.
    • Intel is gained by successfully hacking a ship.
    • Intel can be spent on the black market to purchase goods and mods.
    • Ships have a base intel gain rate. This amount can be increased with mods.
      • Freighter: 1
      • Fighter: 1
      • Scout: 5
  • Hacking Mechanics
    • Hacking cost lowered from 15p to 10p.
    • Targets now have 1/4 their level added against the pilot's hacking roll. Higher level ships will now be harder to hack.
  • Mods
    • Intel mods added to system.
      • Intel mods increase the amount of intel gained upon successful hack.
      • Increase is based on percentage.
  • Game Mechanics
    • Long Range Scan processor cost lowered from 5p to 1p.
  • Supercharged Fuel Cells
    • Fuel cells can now be purchased for $0.99 USD in addition to in-game on Mercury Station
  • UI
    • Adjusted global chat box width.
  • Bugs
    • Fixed a bug where mods could be swapped out while in transit.

0.9.0 Gemini Station Mod Exchange (6/6/19)

Update 0.9.0 is our biggest update to date. With the addition of the Mod Exchange (mod auction house), continuation of the main story, several UI tweaks, and countless bugs squashed, we're finally able set a target launch date for version 1.0! The latest we will launch v1 is Jan 1, but we're shooting for this Fall.

  • Mod Exchange
    • Players can sell mods they own on the mod exchange. Listings are active for 1 week. After a week, the mod is returned to the player's mod locker. A 5% sales tax will be applied to all sales.
  • Main Story
    • Our main story has been expanded. Try and catch up :)
  • Artwork & UI
    • Gemini Station docking bay artwork updated.
    • Main viewer opacity increased for improved readability.
    • Custom artwork for each location created.
    • Tutorial added to ship's bridge.
    • Ship's Log button added to show pervious logs and alerts.
    • When an action is taken against you, a link to the player's ship is included in the alert.
  • Comm Board
    • UI redesigned
    • Misc side conversations and easter eggs added to comm board.
  • Mods
    • Added more mods to the game.
    • Added mod info to the tool tip display because they're hilarious and everyone should read them.
  • System & Admin
    • Added ability to receive messages from admins in ship's log.
    • Updated design for all automated emails.
    • Added Game Rules.
    • Added flagging system and email alerts for callsigns and ship names that violate our terms and game rules.
      • Addes mechanic for users to change their callsign and ship name if flagged.
    • Added addtional logs for travel, PVP, and trade actions.
  • Game Tweaks
    • Increased the number of pirates in Eris space lane.
    • 2 Minute cooldown added before a player can target the same player again.
    • Added auction and mod exchange alerts to the in-ship alert system.
    • Made the player feedback form not required upon level up.
    • Mercury station Supercharged Fuel Cell factory mechanics are completed and if players can keep the station online for +24 hour, it will begin to produce SFCs every hour. Keeping the station online will require a massive team effort, however.
  • Security & Optimization
    • DDoS protection added to the server.
    • HTML, CSS, & Javascript minimization implemented for increased performance.
  • Miscellaneous
    • A fan-run Discord server has been set up and can be joined here. (Thanks, Retold!)
    • Docking bay added to each location, showing the number of ships at that location and the online status of the player.
    • Location-specific chat removed for now.
    • Gem hacking quest tracking updated.
    • New location added to Gemini Station: The Pinnacle
      • The Pinnacle is where [N8] lives, it will be accessible during various stages of the main story and permanently unlocked with Gem rep.
  • Bugs
    • Fixed a bug where users could build several mods without needing the required materials.
    • Fixed an issue where the chat box would appear under the ship's main viewer.
    • Fixed a bug where the auction house was not sending expired listings back to the owner...braceyourself when you check your mail.
    • Fixed a bug where when a player was drained or boosted, the event showed their own ship as the one who boosted them.
    • ETA COUNTER FIXED!!!!!! That took months too long to fix...
    • So many other bugs squashed.
    • A few bugs still at large.

0.8.1 Main Story:: Act I (4/26/19)

We’re super excited to announce the release of Act I of Gemini Station’s main story. The core mission begins at level 10 upon returning to Gem. This patch also includes numerous minor updates as well.

    • Main Story Act I: Mysterious Readings
      • New main story mission available at level 10.
    • Mod Score System
      • Players now get a base mod score; 1000 for each ship level they have. This should help differentiate between high and low-level ships who have simlar gear rarity.
    • Ship Updates
      • Comms board added (unlocked via main story).
      • Navicom labels abbreviated
      • Spacelane labels updated.
      • ETA counter updated...can still be buggy, but it's better.
      • Cargo bay contents now appear in main viewer instead of loading in a new page.
      • Mission Log button added that displays current missions in main viewer.
        • All pre-level 10 missions added to Mission Log for easier tracking.
      • Pertinent events and info will now appear as log alerts
    • Mods
      • Many more mods added.
    • Bugs
      • Many bugs squashed.


0.8.0 Missions (4/14/19)

Welcome to Update 0.8! This update brings one of our largest feature addition to date: Trade Missions. Pilots who are at least level 10 and have completed the Drawn Lines mission from [N8] can visit Earth or Mars to view unique trade missions as well as repeatable daily trade missions. Eris and Jupiter missions are currently being developed as well. Once trade missions have been fully populated, we’ll begin rolling out combat and spy/hacking missions.

    • Missions
      • Trade Missions added to Earth and Mars.
        • Missions and Dailies are accessible after pilots reach level 10 and complete the storyline mission: Drawn Lines.

0.7.1 Combat System Update

    • Combat System
      • Added 3 second weapons fire recharge delay before being able to fire again.
      • Recharge time will be increased/decreased by mods (in dev).
    • Bugs
      • Fixed major combat exploit (owentr).

0.7.0 One Giant Leap (3/29/19)

    • Music Player
      • A music player featuring ambient trance artist Cynic Project has been added to the game. Link to the player can be found in the top right menu.
    • General Updates
      • Mainviewer opacity changed from .5 to .8.
      • Added blank mod icon for mod slots that have no mods installed (profile page).
      • Added new home screen after login that shows random tips based on player feedback questions.
      • All player ship designations changed from GS-# SHIP NAME to SS-# SHIP NAME. The two letter abbreviation will customizable in future updates based on location reputation.
      • Old boot (LordHumongus).
    • Mods
      • Serval typos and description errors have been corrected.
    • Admin
      • Feedback logs added to Admin dashboard
    • Bugs & Exploits
      • Fixed a bug where more items than were on hand could be transferred to and from the warehouse.
      • Fixed a bug where salvage mod percentages were not calculating correctly (LordHumongus).
      • Fixed a bug where you could travel from Mercury to any location rather than returning to Gem.

0.6.6 General Updates (3/26/19)

    • Cockpit
      • Disembark button changed to 'Airlock Sealed' while in transit.
    • Logs
      • Log databases added for items purchased and sold for tracking purposes.
    • General Updates
      • Added number of mods to player's profile page (Thewarriorhunter).

0.6.5.a Chat Channels (3/22/19)

    • Chat Channels
      • Isolated chat channels have been added to all locations and all space lanes.

0.6.5 Global Chat, Bugs (3/21/19)

    • Global Chat
      • Added a global chat function.
    • Bugs
      • Fixed a bug where sold auctions were still listed in the player's list of active auctions (Crovax).
      • Fixed a bug where ships could engage engines w/o setting a destination and get lost in space forever (Dogsbody).
      • Fixed an errant mail alert link on profile page.
    • User Sign Up
      • Removed first name and last name from sign up form.
      • Added increased anti-spam measurers

0.6.4 Player Profile & Misc UI (3/19/19)

    • Cockpit UI
      • Added energy & processor max indicator (Crovax)
    • Player Profile
      • Updated the user's public profile page to match the private one. Here

0.6.3a UI Fix (3/5/19)

    • UI
      • Made bridge ship's icon link to mods.

0.6.3 General Updates (2/25/19)

    • Bugs
      • Fixed a typo on the bridge screen.
      • Fixed incorrect background image on Mars's shipyard.
    • NPC Combat
      • Fixed an issue where where the user could restart combat by reloading the screen.
    • Mods
      • Removed erronous mods from the Earth, Mars, mod shop.
      • Retuned Earth & Mars mods according to standardized mod table.

0.6.2 General Updates (2/20/19)

    • Mods
      • Mercurean Trade Optimizer
        • Label changed from "Damage Resistance" to "Damage Reduction"
        • Reduction amount changed to 5% from 25% (sorry Dadigan)
    • Bugs
      • Gemini Station
        • Fixed a bug where you could sell installed mods.
      • Combat (NPC)
        • Fixed a round counting error.

0.6.1 General Updates (2/12/19)

    • General Updates
      • Draining a confirmed pirate reduces pirate rep by 5 and increases Gem rep by 10.
      • Hacking reduced to 50P
      • Inbox read page style updated to increase readability.
      • Added mod locker to player profile page. 
      • Misc updates to the NPC combat system and console design.
    • NPC Combat
      • Max combat rounds changed to 20 from 10.
      • Combat energy cost changed from 20 to 10
      • Added 50% random mod drops to defeated NPC ships.
      • Added unique orange mod drop to defeated NPC ship: Destroyer of Worlds.
    • Mods
      • Fixed rounding errors for the Damage Reflect and Damage Reduction mechanics.
      • New Cargo Shielding mod class created, decreasing the amount of cargo that is available for stealing after your ship is defeated by another player.
      • Several new 10-60 mod sets created.
      • Several new level 60 mods created.
    • Quests
      • Level 5 rep quest added
    • Bugs
      • Fixed bug where draining a pirate ship would not decrease your travel time.
      • Fixed a bug where the PVP sensor terminal was displaying the player’s pilot level instead of the target ship’s pilot level.
      • Fixed a bug in the AH. Filtering now works as intended.
      • Fixed a design bug in the AH where “Build Mod” button was not contained within the box.

0.6.0 The Golden Age of Piracy (2/5/19)

    • PVP
      • After successfully defeating a player, the victor can steal cargo that is above the stock cargo limit of the losing ship. Any mods that increase a ship's cargo storage, that increase is the amount of cargo that is vulnerable to theft.
    • Salvage
      • XP changed from 100 to 20....too muchy

0.5.2 PVP, Salvage, Ships (2/3/19)

    • Salvage
      • Scavengers receive 100xp per salvaged item.
    • PVP
      • Player vs. Player combat sessions limited to 20 rounds.
      • XP
        • Successful: 20 * target level.
        • Stalemate: Target receives 10 * attacker's level.
        • Defeate: Target receives 20 * attacker's level.
    • Ships
      • Freighter
        • Armor mods slots increased from 1 to 2.
      • Fighter
        • Weapons mods slots increased from 2 to 3.

0.5.1 Pirates, Mods, General Updates (1/31/19)

    • Pirates
      • Pirates have been spotted along every space lane!
    • Bugs
      • Fixed a bug where pilots could remove cargo mods after filling their cargo bay and depart with more cargo on board then they could hold.

0.5.0 Mods (1/29/19)

    • Mods
      • New searchable mod store with advanced search filters and design.
      • Many more mods (level 10-20) added to system.

0.4.0 PVP Combat, Combat System (1/26/19)

    • PVP
      • Players can now attack other players. The cost is 20 energy. If the attacker wins, they will receive the following:
        • XP: 3x target's level
        • Money: rand(1-1000) (not stolen from the victim.)
    • Combat System
      • General
        • Player will receive a sensor alert if they are being attacked.
      • Player:
        • Attack = d20 + 25% current level (rounded down) + attack mods + ship attack modifier
        • Defend = d20 + 25% current level (rounded down) + defence mods + ship defense modifier
      • NPC:
        • Attack = d20 + NPC ship level.
        • Defend = d20 + NPC ship level.
    • Mods
      • Shield Recharge
        • After testing, it was determined that this metric was extremely overpowered. All SR mods have been adjusted for balance.
    • General Updates
      • Base shield recharging has been removed from all ships. Shield recharging is only available via mods.

0.3.3 General Updates (1/25/19)

    • Bridge
      • Added updated bridge design for ships at 1 armor HP.
      • Added Manage Mods button to action bar.
      • Changed Astrogation alert from "In Transit" to "Drives Active" sound more exciting.
      • Updated ETA counter to always show double digits.
    • Mercury
      • Ships can remove heat resistance mods after reaching Mercury to install cargo mods to attempt to cary more cargo back to Gem at the cost of damaging their ship and cargo....good luck.
    • Bugs
      • Fixed an issue where Mercury would not use resouces if supply was under 1000. (Thanks, Krankie)

0.3.2 General Updates, Commerce District, Targeting & Evasion (1/24/19)

    • Commerce District
      • Global Market section added to Gem showing a list of all items and what locations export/import them.
      • Trading Post renamed to 'Trade Depot'
      • Trade Depot, Auction House, & Global Market have been reorganized under "Commerce District" in Gem.
    • General Updates
      • NPC victory xp increased from 3 * NPC's level to 3 * NPC's level + 50.
      • Armor and Shield values removed from the notch.
    • Targeting & Evasion
      • This metric is not yet applied to the combat


      • Stock evasion rating for all ships (excluding scouts): 10%
        • Scout evasion: 25%, 35%, 45%
      • Stock targeting rating for all ships: 75%

0.3.1 General Updates, (1/23/19)

    • Bridge Updates
      • Location background images added to all locations.
      • Energy and Processor indicators added.
      • Cargo hold renamed to "Cargo Bay".
    • General Updates
      • Added XP gain indicator on buying and selling screens.
      • Starting quest bugs squashed.
      • More visible mail alert added
      • Selling XP increased to 7% from 5%.
      • Space moths added.
    • Experience
      • Travel XP increased from 10 to 100.
    • Bugs
      • Fixed a bug where the processor value indicator would not update w/o a refresh.

0.3.0 Bridge Update, Profile Design (1/22/16)

    • Bridge
      • Bridge design updated.
      • Misc. Javascript optimized.
      • PVP drain/boost alert notification sytem added to bridge
    • Profile Page
      • Ship artwork added to player profile page.
      • Hover over mod tooltip added!
      • Wildcard Mod slot functionality added.
    • General Updates
      • SSL Certificate installed.
    • Mods
      • Mod tier structure established.
    • Bugs
      • Many random bugs squashed.

0.2.13 Bridge Updates, Commerce XP Tweak, iPad (1/21/16)

    • Bridge Design
      • Main viewer design updated.
      • Bridge renders properly on iPads!
    • Experience Gains
      • Buying and selling XP gains changed from 10% and 15% to 5% of total.
    • General Updates
      • Added logout feature.
    • Bugs
      • Fixed a bug where purchase and sell buttons were not displaying on mobile/tablet.
      • Fixed a bug where 'Engage' btn was not visible on mobile/tablet.

0.2.12 Cockpit Redesign (1/20/19)

    • Cockpit
      • Pilot cockpit redesigned to look more ship-like.
    • General
      • Scout ship types designs completed.

0.2.11 PVP Part 1 (1/5/19)

    • PVP
      • Pilots can now drain and boost other pilots in the same space lane.
      • Actions are logged, but reporting system not yet finalized.
    • Bugs
      • Squashed multiple bugs discovered by Dadigan.
      • Several bugs still at large.

0.2.10 General Updates, Mods, Admin Dashboard (1/10/19)

    • Salvage
      • 10,000 derelict items added to space lanes in random quantities:
        • Martian Rocks
        • Foods
        • Energy Cells
        • Water
        • Misc Garbage
    • Misc Bugs
      • Fixed a bug where attacking a pirate ship would not affect pirate rep.
    • Mod
      • Mod Components (gained from breaking down mods) have been added to mod receipes.
      • Level 10 mods added to mod vendor and engineering district

0.2.9a Travel Time Mod (1/7/19)

    • Mod Description
      • Travel time-affecting mods will now show an "Engine Efficiency" percentage instead of "Travel Time" to help clarify the mod's stats. The function of the mods remain unchanged: an increase in engine efficiency will increase the ship's speed, allowing it to reach it's destination sooner. While a decrease in engine efficiency will slow the ship, forcing it to reach it's destination later.

0.2.9 Travel Time Updates (1/6/19)

    • Travel Times Updated:
      • Earth: No change
      • Mars: 10 Mins
      • Jupiter: 30 Mins
      • Mercury: 45 Mins
      • Eris: 75 Mins

0.2.8a Updates (1/5/19)

    • General Update
      • Jupter Gas item size changed from M to S

0.2.8 Combat Tweak (1/3/19)

    • Combat system Updated
      • Player's Attack = D20 Roll + Random number between 1-player's level + Ship's Level (1-3) + Installed Attack Mods + Ship Class Base Attack Modifier.
      • Player's Damage = 4D10 + Installed Damage Mods
      • Feedback on combat system is welcomed!
    • Ship Arrival Counter
      • Added countdown clock indicating remaining travel time.

0.2.7 Pirates! (1/2/19)

    • Pirate freighters have been spotted in Gemini Station space. Pilots can perform sensor sweeps from their ships while at Gemini Station to target pirate forces.

0.2.6 Quest 2.0 Added (12/29/18)

    • Quest 2.0
      • Sends pilot to Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Eris five times each. Previous trips count towards the count. Quest completion email explains each location and their main focus for mods.
      • Rewards:
        • 1200 xp
        • 25 Tier II Mod Components

0.2.5 Mod System Update (12/28/18)

    • Mods
      • Unwanted mods can be sold for 1/2 their purchase price at Gem.
      • Unwanted mods can be broken down into base 'Mod Components'.
      • Mod breakdown amount chance:
        • Tier 1: 1-5
        • Tier 2: 1-3
        • Tier 3: 1-2
        • Tier 4-6: 1

0.2.4 Damage Reflection/Reduction Systems, Mod Stores (12/20/18)

    • Damage Reflection
      • Damage reflection system added to combat system.
        • Percentage of damage is reflected back to attacker.
        • Damage reflection metric is overpowered so only effects shield HP and not armor HP or low level players could take down anyone.
      • Damage reduction system added to combat system.
        • Percentage of damage reduced.
      • Mod vendors added to following locations:
        • Earth
        • Mars

0.2.3 Auction House Design, Combat System Updates (12/17/18)

    • Auction House
      • Categories added to auction listings
      • AH design updated
      • Javascript search and filtering functions added.
      • 'My Listings' AH page added.
    • Combat System
      • Damage reduction system added to combat.
    • Mods
      • DR Mods added to system.
      • Armor mods to level 20 mapped out.
      • Circuit board and computer icons designs finalized and added to system & applicable mods.

0.2.3 Gem Station Updates, Mod Updates, General Design Updates (12/12/18)

    • Gemini Station
      • Gem General Design Updated.
      • Mod store includes breakout tabs for each specific mod type.
    • General System Updates
      • Rep now rewarded for purchasing goods from locations
      • Bridge ship view now has 'Help' button that provides a general overview of bridge functions as well as links to future wiki pages for more information.
    • Mods
      • Armor mods tuned for balance.
    • Items
      • New Item: Small Helium Canister [S], Export Jupiter, Import Gem & Mercury.

0.2.3 Tutorial Quest, Mod Design Normalized, & Fine Tuning (12/06/18)

    • General Updates
      • Misc ship combat bugs squashed.
    • First Quest
      • New account quest system added.
    • Mods
      • New mod artwork uploaded.
    • Wiki
      • Gem Wiki development underway.
    • Reddit
      • Reddit thread created and set up.

0.2.2 General Updates & Fine Tuning (12/4/18)

    • General Updates
      • Updated location pages & store table designs.
    • Pirate Rep
      • Pirate reputation added for future use.
    • Ship Armor Repair
      • Shipyards added to the following locations
        • Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Eris
        • Armor repair costs based on current reputation with each location.
        • Rep < 0: cost x 2
        • Rep >= 0: cost x 1
        • Rep >= 500: cost x .75
        • Rep >= 1000: cost x .5
        • Rep >= 2500: cost x .25
        • Rep >= 5000: cost x .05
        • Rep >= 10000: cost x 0
      • Armor repairs are free and automatically done when a user returns to Gem.

0.2.1 General System Updates (12/4/18)

    • Jettison Cargo
      • Users can now jettison unwanted cargo into space via a link in the cargo hold page.
      • Spaced cargo items will exist as findable items in whatever space lane the ship was in when it ejected the goods.
    • New Skill: Scavanger
      • All ships have a base modifier for scanning for debris:
        • Freighter: 10/15/25 (% by level)
        • Scout: 20/25/30 (% by level)
        • Fighter: 5/7/10 (% by level)
    • Main Tool Bar
      • Tool bar has been added to the top of every page (Gem has it's own unique tool bar).

0.2.0 Combat Systems! (12/1/18)

    • Combat System Added!
      • Players can scan for ships and engage them.
      • Defeating a NPC ship will grant you the following:
        • Money: Random amount between $1-$500
        • XP: NPC ship level 3
        • NPC Cargo: Random amount from the NPC cargo hold transfered to player's ships cargo hold.
          • Future Update: remaining cargo gets hurled into space.
    • General Updates
      • Sensor sweep costs 5 processor instead of 5 energy
      • Ship scan costs 5 processor instead of 5 energy.
      • Ship scans no longer show type of cargo in board (future mod will reveal)

0.1.2 Cargo Size Limits (11/27/18)

    • Cargo Sizes
      • Cargo trasporting is now limited to size restrictions for each class and level.
      • Cargo size rating can be increased by visiting the Shipyard (unlocked at level 5)

0.1.1 General Updates (11/26/18)

    • Ship Tweaks
      • Light Freighter
        • Utility Mod slots changed from 1 to 0.
      • Scout
        • Base travel time decreased by 25% for all scout ships.

0.1.0 Experience & Leveling System (11/25/18)

    • Leveling System Implemented!
      • Experience Gains
        • Ship Boosts: 20-35 xp
        • Ship Drain: 5-20 xp
        • Successful Data Hack: 50-75 xp
        • Purchases: 10% total purchase price
        • Selling to Gem: 15% total sell cost
        • Travel: 10 xp / course laid in
        • Combat: TBA
      • Level-Restricted Gem Locations
        • Level II
          • Warehouse
          • Auction House
        • Level III
          • Mods
          • Mod Vendor
        • Level IV
          • Engineering District
        • Level V
          • Factions

0.0.13a Hacking (11/21/18)

    • Hacking Mechanics Modified
      • Hacking is no longer a guaranteed success.
      • Base odds of success is 25%.
    • Mods
      • Faulty Tunneling Beam (Sensor)
        • +10% Hacking Success Rate

0.0.13 Gemini Department of Intelligence (11/21/18)

    • Hacking Mechanic System
      • Users who have accepted the GDI data collection mission can now scan ships for encrypted data fragments visit GDI for more info.
      • Hacking targets costs 20 processor power.
    • Core Mechanics
      • Ship processor levels now recharge at a rate of 1 / minute.
      • Ship processor power can now be spent on hacking.

0.0.12 Warehouse, Reputation, & Mercury (11/17/18)

    • Public Profiles
    • Warehouse
      • Warehouses can now be upgraded to increase storage limits.
        • Level II - 5,000 space ($25,000)
        • Level III - 10,000 space ($100,000)
        • Level IV - 50,000 space ($1,000,000)
    • Reputation System
      • Rep gains for items sold at any location are now 1 for 1 for that location.
      • Rep gains for boosting ships changed to +15 for target ship, -3 for target's enemy (if applicable).
      • Rep penalties for draining ships changed to -5 for target ship, +5 for target's enemy (if applicable).
    • Locations
      • Mercury
        • Due to increased solar activity. Thermal restrictions are now in place for all Mercury-bound vessels. Travel to and from Mercury is restricted to ships with a HR (heat resistance) rating of 2000. HR mods are available at Jupiter.
      • Jupiter
        • Jupiter-specific mods are available for purchase:
          • Mercurean Heat Shield
            • Slot: Armor
            • +500 Heat Resistance
            • +250 Armor
            • Jupiter Rep Needed: 1000
          • Mercurean Thermal Dissipator
            • Slot: Shield
            • +500 Heat Resistance
            • +250 Shields
            • Jupiter Rep Needed: 1500
          • Mercurean Thorium-Plated Boosters
            • Slot: Engine
            • +750 Heat Resistance
            • 5% Travel Time Decrease
            • Jupiter Rep Needed: 2000
          • Mercurean Shielded Sensor Array
            • Slot: Sensor
            • +250 Heat Resistance
            • +5% Targeting
            • Jupiter Rep Needed: 2500
    • Bugs
      • Many bugs squashed.
      • Several bugs still at large.


0.0.11 Reputation & Crafting

    • Rep mods now available in GEM's mod store & GEM engineering mod factory.
    • Mod Factory mods can be created....if your rep is high enough.
    • Increase rep::
      • Boost faction ships in transit
        • Boosting a target's engines will increase rep by 5. However, if the target ship's home has an enemy, your rep with that faction/location will decrease by 3 as well.
      • Sell items at location stores
        • Selling goods from your cargo hold at a location will increase your rep by 5. This increase is not on a per-transaction basis, so don't bother trying to sell a thousand items one at a time, you cheater.
    • Mercury
      • A fuel meter showing Mercury's current fuel level has been added. Best not let let it reach 0%!
    • Bugs
      • Misc bugs squashed.

0.0.10 (11/17/18) The War on Bugs

    • Bug reporting system added! A link to report bugs and issues should now appear at the top of every page. This will streamline the tracking and squashing of bugs. Get reporting!

0.0.9 (11/16/18) MODS!!!!!!

    • Defense mechanic added to system. Future combat mechanic will include a defense score that will be added to all defending rolls (1d20 + 1-3d3 + defense)
    • User profile page created.
    • Mods are now fully connected to all working systems and can be installed via the profile page.
    • Mods now have a mod score and the user's total Mod Score is viewable via the profile page. Just click at the top of the screen in Gem.
    • The mod system has been overhauled. Mods are no longer tied to effect (i.e. weapons mods only affecting damage done.)
      • Mod Addtions:
        • Balanced Blaster Cannon (Available for purchase at Gem)
          • +1 damagee
          • +1 attack
        • Heavy Armor Plating (Available for crafting soon)
          • +250 Armor
          • +1 Defense
    • Fixed Bug
      • Fixed bug where mail messages without a subject could not be opened.

0.0.8 (11/17/18) Mercury & Admin

    • Admin dashboard created
      • Admin Mod managment system added.
    • Mercury fuel levels added
      • Supercharged Energ Cells will not produce if gas levels reach critical.

0.0.7 (11/11/18) Mods!

    • Testing mods added to system
    • Mod icon artist secured.
    • Mod tiers established
      • Numbering system & color codes established.
    • Mod categories established.
    • Mod mechanics established (not added to system yet.)

0.0.6 (11/8/18) Auction House, In-Game Mail, GEM Station Updates

    • Menu tuning & general bug fixes.
    • In-game mail system added.
    • Auction House mechanics in place.
      • Sellers are notified of transaction via mail upon successful sale.
      • Buyers receive purchased goods in mail upon successful sale.

0.0.5 (11/6/18) Warehouse Module and Major GEM Design Expansion!

    • Gem header/menu is fully designed & functional. Includes latest news banner.
    • News page added to Gem
    • Warehouse mechanics added
      • Transfer goods from ship to warehouse and vice versa.
      • Warehouse bugs abound.

0.0.4 (11/5/18) - GEM redesign, economy tuning

    • REdesigned Gem station. much cooler.
    • Changed earth resource generation
      • Energy: From 500 / hour to 2500 / hour
      • Water: from 2000 / hour to 20000 / hour
    • Changed martian resource generation
      • Food: From 2500 / hour to 7500 / hour
      • energy: from 500 / hour to 1500 / hour

0.0.3a (11/5/18) - ship type cargo, misc databases created.

    • cargo limits based on ship types have been added.
      • Freighter (starting) - 15 units
      • Figher (starting) - 10 units
      • scout (starting) - 5 units
    • Auction house listing database created.
    • Ship mod database created.
      • 1 of each mod type added to database: armor, shield, weapons, engine, sensor, utility.
    • Economy tuning:
      • Earth water exports (ships per minute)
        • to jupiter from 2 to 7
        • to mars from 2 to 3
        • to gem from 2 to 3
        • to eris from 2 to 3

0.0.3 (11/5/18) - Reputation system implemented and cargo limits.

    • Ship cargo limits have been lowered to 20 units. ship-type cargo limits will be updated in future patches. ships with cargo above the new limit will not lose their cargo.
    • All users start out with 500 rep (neutral). Rep brackets to be announced in future updates.
    • boosting and draining engines will result in a reputation increase/decrease for the target faction.
    • Earth and mars are enemies. Boosting a mars ship will result in a drop of earth rep and vice versa. Same applies for draining a ship. The enemy faction will reward you with rep.
    • all pilots docking at gemini station will be award gem rep.

0.0.2 - Travel, scanning, trade, & boost/drain

    • Sensor sweep mechanics added
      • Drain engines feature added. (increase target arrival time, decrease player's arrival time.)
      • Boost engines fature added (decrease target arrival time, increase player's arrival time.)
    • Energy recharge added
      • energy will recharge by 1 every minute.
    • import/export system added
    • real-time travel system activated
    • player inventory added

0.0.1 - initial systems implimented

    • NPC ship database implimented (2500 ships in system)
      • earth exports water to gem, jupter, mars, eris
      • mars exports food to gem, earth, jupiter, eris
      • earth exports energy to gem, mars, jupter, eris
    • resource generation system added
      • all locations use water, food, and energy at a constant rate.
    • Location databases established.