The ideal ship for utility & support players

Sleek and agile, the scout ship is a Swiss-army-knife-pilot’s dream. While only able to carry a small cargo load, the scout ship is blazing fast, extremely difficult to target, and filled with seemingly endless tricks. 

The scout’s base travel time are 10% faster than other ships.

Base stats & Modding

The table below shows how many of each type of mods can be installed for each scout level. Wildcard slots can be fitted with any mod type.scout.jpg

Cargo Capabilities

Every ship is able to transport cargo. The limitations lie in the size of the cargo. Every transportable item is organized by size (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large). While every ship can move cargo, not every ship can carry every size class of cargo. The table below shows the size class restrictions of each level.

Ships have a base cargo size rating and, in most cases, can be upgraded to hold a larger item size. Upgraded ships can still carry cargo smaller than their max size limit. 

NOTE: The scout is the one ship class that cannot purchase goods with cargo rating greater than small. The scout can, however, salvage larger items from space.



The Scout class is ideal if you...

  • Want a challenge.
  • Want to focus on striking from the shadows and avoiding other ships.
  • Are okay with minimal trading.
  • Maximize stealth and general sneakyness.
  • Typically roll support classes in other RPG games.

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