[N8]’s Survival Guide

These are the basics, so when in doubt, stick to these and everything should be alright. 

Space is a dangerous place. And the second to last thing I want is to see you leave the station and never come back. So, I’ve put this guide together to make sure you stay in once piece and keep moving cargo.

These are the basics, so when in doubt, stick to these and everything should be alright. 

Tip 1: Armor is Your Friend

Your ship’s armor is the last line of defense between you and space. Or you and someone stealing your cargo. There are several mods out there that let you boost other ship systems and abilities at the expense of your armor. If you want to roll the dice and thin out your armor to squeeze a few extra units of cargo into your hold, that’s your call.
My advice? Don’t.

Tip 2: You Have Mods for a Reason

If you’re modded for trade runs, odds are you’re not going to be a terribly good pirate. Mods specialize your ship for specific roles. Granted there are a few mods that cover multiple specializations, but they’re more difficult to come by. If you’re a trader, load up on cargo, engine efficiency, and evasion mods and reach your destination as fast as you can. If you’re looking for a fight, install mods that will help you in a fight. 

Tip 3: Green is Safe

Your ship does not want to get wrecked, so to help you, it color-codes  sensor results. Green means you can probably take them (If you’ve properly Tip 2’d). Yellow will be a challenge. And red is red for a reason.

Tip 4: Stealth Mode

I’m not talking about stealth tech––as far as you know, that doesn’t exist. I’m talking about is not drawing attention to yourself. If you drain another ship’s engines to shave off a few minutes from your journey, the pilot will know and it many cases will retaliate. Stay in your lane, 

Tip 5: Shield Your Goods

At the end of the day, it’s all about cargo. Whether you’re buying it from vendors, stealing it from other players and transports, or finding it floating in space, your goal is to deliver your goods. I mention stealing it because some pilots out there would rather take your good from you than legally acquire it on their own. In the event another player attacks you and you lose, your cargo may be available to steal. 

But there’s a catch!

Every ship has a stock cargo capacity. Freighters can hold 15 units, fighters can hold 10 units, and scouts can hold 5 units of cargo. Any cargo that is within your ship’s stock limit is safe from theft. But if you have a cargo mod that increases your cargo capacity by +5 and you’re attacked and defeated, up to 5 units of cargo is exposed and can be stolen.

But there’s a catch to the catch!

You can install mods that increase the amount of cargo that is shielded. If your freighter has a +5 cargo mod installed, and a +5 cargo shielding mod installed, none of your cargo can be stolen!

So make sure you’re expanding your cargo shielding as you expand your cargo capacity.

But we both know there are greedy meatbags out there who would rather tempt fate and max out their cargo capacity then hope for the best. 

You know what I always say, if you hope for the best, you’re going to die alone in space. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever said that before…well, I’ll start saying it now.

Who is [N8]?

[N8] is Gemini Station's central processing core. He is responsible for managing the station's dynamic economy, issuing pilot assignments, and keeping the station functioning at optimal capacity. 

He also kind of hates organics.